Painting #16 of 50: "March Homestead"

Friday, March 29, 2013: It was one of those strange weather days full of change, spitting rain and sleet on and off throughout the day. Temperatures 38 degrees - 47 degrees F. Thought I'd be painting the view of Mansfield from Essex Way exit off 289 BUT the mountain was totally obscured by clouds, so I quickly veered off to Ethan Allen Homestead to regroup. Walked around the property and settled on a different view of the homestead from the side, with locust trees, fences, and field. Loved the bright yellow-green of the field by the homestead, so quinacridone gold worked beautifully! I had a large black plastic garbage bag which I clipped onto the top of the easel and rigged up a quick sort of awning so the rain wouldn't get on my painting. That system worked pretty well, though I constantly was clipping and unclipping it as the rain and sleet started and stopped so often. A few bits of sleet/rain hit my painting, leaving some white specks to give clue of the weather!

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I am currently entering blogs from my 50 Project back in 2013-2014 as a way of sharing photos and journal entries of my plein air watercolor painting experiences. Lots of stories in the field through all seasons and all sorts of weather here in Vermont beyond. Hoping to get caught up to share more recent paintings.

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