Painting #15 of 50: "The Farmhouse"

Saturday, March 23, 2013: Today was Lisa Beach's winter landscape watercolor workshop, and since it was indoors, I had brought along quite a few photos as possible subjects. With the Blakely Farm still fresh in my mind from two days ago, however, I decided to do a second Blakely painting. Not quite plein air, but fairly close. This time I went for a more abstracted approach, concentrating on the farmhouse, barn and smaller outbuildings, without any trees or stump fence. While painting, Lisa reminded me to make a decision: would my painting be predominantly architectural strokes or curving softer brush strokes? I went for the architectural. Several weeks later, Dad suggested either cropping the foreground or adding in some elements to make that part of the composition more interesting. Ultimately decided to add some salt to the foreground along with some diagonal strokes of shading to lead the eye into the painting, which resolved the issue.

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I am currently entering blogs from my 50 Project back in 2013-2014 as a way of sharing photos and journal entries of my plein air watercolor painting experiences. Lots of stories in the field through all seasons and all sorts of weather here in Vermont beyond. Hoping to get caught up to share more recent paintings.

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