Painting #12 of 50: "Intervale and Mansfield"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013: Brother Eli's birthday...too bad he's not close enough to come paint with me, but I'm sure he's out exploring the woods of NH on skis today. Temps around 43 degrees F, sun coming through the clouds and very light winds, which meant we could now paint this beautiful view overlooking the Intervale from Burlington neighborhoods near Ethan Allen Park. Dried grasses matted down from winter made a good dry spot for me to set up my easel. Jacquie, who was close to the sidewalk, nearly got sucked under all the mud forming at her feet! My 4 x 13 1/2" composition was perfect for this wide view. Bend in river was calling to be painted, and a secondary bend further in the distance helped to lead the eye up toward Mt. Mansfield.

Initially downright balmy, but as soon as the sun went behind a large cloudbank, we felt the chill. Winds picked up midway, which caused us to pick up the pace, as the wind chill was fierce. I was happy for a warm car as I had worn wind pants rather than snow pants today. A 90 minute painting!

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I am currently entering blogs from my 50 Project back in 2013-2014 as a way of sharing photos and journal entries of my plein air watercolor painting experiences. Lots of stories in the field through all seasons and all sorts of weather here in Vermont beyond. Hoping to get caught up to share more recent paintings.

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