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Artist Libby Davidson has been painting & illustrating Vermont's landscapes and wildlife for over 30 years, working primarily in watercolor and pen & ink, with murals in acrylic as well. She participates in local plein air festivals, painting landscapes in watercolor outdoors, in all types of weather, through all the seasons. she challenged herself to paint 50 plein air watercolors in her 50th year, resulting in the 50 Project Exhibit, which toured local galleries through 2014. Blog entries of the 50 are currently being added to her website, and 25 paintings from that experience are still available for sale.

Libby recently finished a 10' x 20' panoramic mural of a White Mountain trail view at the Glen House at Mt Washington Auto Road in Intervale, NH in spring 2015, as well as a mural of swirling books in the stairwell of the Burnham Memorial Library in Colchester, VT. She has created several 35' long wetland dioramas along with habitat displays for the Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington, VT http://www.birdsofvermont.org and large murals, including a 3-dimensional maple tree, for Dr Dan Beisiegel's Orthodontics office in Colchester, VT,  creating a unique Vermont countryside for young adults. 

Libby's most comprehensive illustration project has been for the book "Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont", published by The Nature Conservancy of VT, and VT Department of Fish and Wildlife, from which she has created a series of limited edition prints and note cards. She is currently creating new illustrations for the upcoming 3rd edition, which will be available for sale in Spring 2018. Other books  include "Wild Adventures: A Guidebook of Activities for Building Connections with Others and the Earth" and "Life in the Cold", a winter ecology textbook in its third edition.

Libby has created wildlife illustrations for the updated Junior Ranger Booklet offered to kids at Vermont State Parks, as well as the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation's report on the carbon emissions and their effects. Her ink and watercolor illustrations appear in the book  "Lake Champlain: A Natural History", published by the Lake Champlain Committee.  http://www.lakechamplaincommittee.org .

She offers sketching and watercolor workshops for all age groups and teaches Nature Drawing at the University of Vermont. She lives in Colchester, VT with her family, who inspire her daily with their unique creative expressions.

Watercolor Paintings

Here is a gallery of some of my watercolor paintings:


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Welcome to Libby Davidson's Painting Blog

I am currently entering blogs from my 50 Project back in 2013-2014 as a way of sharing photos and journal entries of my plein air watercolor painting experiences. Lots of stories in the field through all seasons and all sorts of weather here in Vermont beyond. Hoping to get caught up to share more recent paintings.

If you have interest in viewing or purchasing my paintings, please email or call me. I plan to add a gallery section to this site soon to make it easier for you to see the many paintings I have available for sale.

Thank you!

Libby Davidson


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